Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Wizards Are Glad To Be Home

Last week, I told a local TV producer that I thought the Wizards would make it to the second round of the playoffs. Upon hearing this, the producer rolled his eyes at me. We both agreed that the Wizards were the better team but the producer argued that LeBron would get bailed out by the refs.

Flash forward one week:

The Wizards actually should have won game 1. In fact, had they made one shot down the stretch, you could argue that the game would have been over. As things would have it, that didn't happen.

In game 2, the Wizards spirits were still crushed from game 1. The team was settling for jumpers and committing lazy fouls on defense.

Though the officiating has been a little suspect, it has yet to determine the outcome of a game. So on that front, I give the refs props.

The behavior of Mike Brown needs to be more closely scrutinized by the league. After every Wizards foul, he runs around like he's trying to hold in explosive diarrhea.

I think Brendan "Flagrant Foul" Haywood said it best. Haywood said, "C'mon Mike. That man's name is LeBron James not LeBron Brown. He' s not your son."

Look for the Wiz to win tonight and look for them to take game 4 as well.

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Hey man - I am a huge wizards fan and the does a lot of NBA coverage - will you link to our site if we link to yours?

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