Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bring On The Pulitzer. Did The Washington Post Plagiarize This Blog?

What do this blog and the Washington Post have in common? My reporting on Condoleezza Rice's haircut (see previous post) was the impetus for a Washington Post snippet.

On Friday, after I saw Condi Rice at the Watergate, I emailed Marissa Newhall of the Washington Post and sent her a link to this blog.

Nearly one hour after I sent her the link, I received this email:

"Great sighting! I got the salon to confirm so I'm going to make a mentionin tomorrow's Names and Faces column. Thanks!"

Sure enough, I opened up Saturday's Washington Post and found this:

"Spotted: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, sporting a fresh haircut, turned heads on her way out of Watergate Salon yesterday"

Here's the full link:

Hmmmm, if the phrase "sporting a fresh haircut" looks familiar, that's because I originally wrote it (see previous post).

I'm not really offended. If anything, it's a little gratifying to have my words printed in the Washington Post.

But isn't that plagiarism?

So, if you thought this blog was some amateurish garbage, think again. When the Washington Post wins its next Pulitzer in investigative reporting, I too can take satisfaction in the victory.

P.S. If any gossip columnists want to hire me, I'm available.


Anonymous said...

liked your Condi piece. Very whitty!

isn't the Watergate the historic home of investigative reporting on Republican White House staff activities ?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is.