Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hibachi is Back!

The franchise locked up its franchise player for six more years.

Gilbert, true to his word, reportedly will leave $16 million on the table.

When this team is healthy (keyword "when"), they are tough to beat. Ask this year's Celtics. No one knows if this team is going to win a title but they'll no doubt be competitive for some time to come. Internal development is going to be essential.

Several individuals deserve credit for this latest turn of events. First and foremost, Abe Pollin put his money where his mouth was and Ernie Grunfeld didn't waver from his stated goal of re-signing Jamison and Arenas.

On an unrelated note, I'd also like to give props to Mike Jones of the Washington Times and Ivan Carter of the Washington Post. Both of these fine reporters were all over this story. Washington is lucky to have two of the best beat reporters in the NBA. Seriously, Mike and Ivan are great at their craft.

Now let's enjoy some summer league ball!