Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama Can Ball

For those of you who didn't see Bryant Gumbel's HBO piece on Barack Obama's love for basketball, it might be worth a look.

In the limited amount of footage they showed, Obama had a decent handle and seemed like a really clever passer. He had several assists of the no-look variety in a pick-up game with military personnel.

If I had to compare him to a current Wizard, it would probably be Antonio Daniels. Both players would rather drive to ball to the rim than shoot.

By his own admission, Barack said shooting was his liability (although I will say his form looked better than Brendan Haywood's).

While I doubt we'll see Barack at the playoffs this April, he might be a neighbor of the Verizon Center next January.

How many attempts do you think it would take for Hillary Clinton to make a lay-up?

I'm guessing double digits.

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