Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Magic cast on the Wiz

On the first play of tonight's game between the Wizards and the Magic, Dwight Howard threw down a nasty one-handed dunk in the face of Brendan Haywood. That play pretty much set the tone for the entire game and the Wizards never recovered.

I'd like to share a few notes somewhat unrelated to the game:
-The halftime show featured a bunch of 10-year olds playing basketball. Needless to say, those kids earned the biggest cheers of the night. One kid even knocked down an NBA three-pointer. That is the equivalent of me hitting a 3/4 court shot.

-The biggest boos of the night went to Orlando's J.J. Redick. Despite the Wizards being down over 20 points, the crowd came to life as soon as J.J. entered the game. It was nostalgic hearing the crowd heckle J.J. Despite being a horrible human being, J.J. actually knocked down a few baskets which further irked the crowd.

-The best part of tonight was seeing Orlando's 5th-string center Marcin Gortat. Not only is he a terrible basketball player, he would be the center on my NBA "All Ugly Team" if not for Seattle's Robert Swift (you judge the side-by-side comparisons in the photos above).

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