Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Chicago game

The Wizards deserve credit for having won three of their last four games. So what if they were three of the ugliest wins you'll ever see. A two point win counts as much as a 45 point win.

Let's be honest. The Wizards had no business winning this game. Chicago showed why they are perhaps the biggest disappointment in basketball. Without Caron and Gilbert, the Wizards live and die by the jump shot and fortunately in the second half the Wizards made buckets.

As good as DeShawn is on defense, his offense leaves a lot to be desired (with the exception of rare outbursts like at NO). At some point, it might not hurt for Eddie Jordan to begin shifting minutes toward Mason and Young.

New Orleans comes to town tomorrow and although I think they're vastly overrated, they'll be ready tomorrow.

I wouldn't put it past the Wizards to get this win although I doubt it will happen.

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